Posted: November 11, 2011 in Stuff
There have been a lot of requests to explain what Anon Plus is and how it is supposed to work. In the simplest of terms it is many things including a router, black net, web server, social network, and educational system. Created out of the need to give a voice to the millions of those without one , Anon Plus enables those who once were afraid to stand up to oppressive corporations and governments to do so without the fear of repercussions..

Trying to define Anon Plus has many of the same problems that trying to define anonymous itself has. There are so many points of view and information can be interpreted so many ways that it is literally impossible to explain what Anon Plus “is” to everyone involved. We took the time to go around and ask our developers and followers exactly what THEY thought Anon Plus was…

Further informations:


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