Operation: Peace through Evolution – Step One

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Operations

Please Listen and Realize the following Words with Care.

Do not be Afraid: We are Anonymous.
Anonymous is a flowing, changing entity. Although it may have started as a means to bring chaos to the internet, We see our potential, and in result, We change.
We do not desire violence, We do not wish for war, and we do not want chaos. We want Freedom, and ultimately, Peace.

Anonymous are the humble and innumerable protectors of freedom, and, as such, first and foremost, We fight for the free flow of information on the Internet.

When the free flow of information is under attack, as it is now in many nations, We must organize and strike back, together, as one, in an effort to create change for the betterment of Humanity.

Please Realize Our Potential.

We are not a platform for terrorism, but a platform for change.
Let us work for our freedom.
In doing so, Let us challenge dictators and censors in 2011.

We do not intend to destroy modern democracies, nor do We wish to develop a new form of governing, but we do intend to improve our current state of being as a species. That is, ultimately, We wish to be a platform with which to develop Freedom and Peace for All.

Our current and first step towards this ultimate goal is to force governments, globally, to abandon censorship on the Internet. Censorship is regressive, not useful for the People, potentially harmful, dangerous even, and most of all, detrimental to our evolution as a species.

To censor is to withhold information, and potentially, withhold TRUTH!

Please Realize that Information is the abstract currency of perception.
We, as a species, need information to evolve.
Digitizing Information and the ability to distribute information digitally is the most important evolutionary step mankind has taken since the neolithic revolution.

With this understanding, let us treat censorship as a deadly enemy, a mental illness, a symbol of totalitarianism, and most of all, a practice of power that must end.

Metaphorically, We are the weapon capable of ending censorship.
We need Peace. Let us make it so.
We are legion. We love you. We are you. Support us.

Anonymous, Humans, Future.


Suboperation Project Freeweb – Fighting Internet Censorship

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