Operation Wanted

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Operations

Well to help out Operation Give Back , iw`e come up with an idea to catch Bad guys while getting and extremely large amount of money , that will of course go to charity. The rules are simple. -WANTED criminals- *Make sure to click the reward button* http://www.fbi.gov/wanted -Your Information- *No trolling here , solid information or ells they will go hard on you* https://tips.fbi.gov/ How to obtain information? Well simply as this you start of with picking a “victim” Start searching for there full names and so on, try to look for Facebook etc you know what i`m talking about you stalkers. “Victim” *Just an example* http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/wcc/julieanne-baldueza-dimitrion/view I get a loot of information from there file. I try searching for her name on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/people/Julie-Baldueza-Dimitrion/1361475577#!/profile.php?id=1361475577 And so on , you start up a fake Facebook account maybe and start to add her friends and then try to get little by little pieces out of them and at the end you possible have solid evidence where she might be. We will need a IRC Chanel to have one “victim” at the time to be search at so we will get solid information fast because i know you guys know your stuff. I hope you all see an opportunity to work for something good and make a change for some poor kids who what cloths and food. jump on this train and we will be CYBER POLICE!


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